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Amazon: long term AMZN chart and thoughts

Quick note on our nation's leading e-retailer, (scroll down for long term price chart).  As I mentioned on Twitter tonight, I've never really followed Amazon or its stock closely. To me, the ongoing debate between bulls and bears re: Amazon's profits (or lack thereof) is just an interesting case study of the market weighing disparate views.  So far, the market's "weighing machine" has largely been pointing towards the bullish side of the scale, at least where AMZN is concerned. Here's the New York Times on Amazon's third quarter earnings report.  " Amazon’s third quarter followed a familiar script: it sold vast quantities of things, lost money while doing so, and investors were delighted. Revenue was $17.09 billion, up 24 percent and about $400 million more than predicted, the company said Thursday. But all that volume could not yield a profit. Amazon lost 9 cents a share, or $41 million, just like as had anticipate

Quotes: Jesse Livermore on trading

Some recently popular tweets and quotes on trading and risk management from the great stock operator, Jesse Livermore .  These are direct quotes, books, and article links shared with our followers on Twitter and StockTwits.  You can actually click through in the embedded tweets to see who has retweeted or "faved" each item. Since Twitter is a pretty ephemeral medium, I've decided to collect some favorites (yours and mine) and share them here with you.  Enjoy, and thanks, JL! So few people succeed in the market because they have no patience. They want to get rich quickly. - Jesse Livermore — David Shvartsman (@FinanceTrends) October 14, 2013 " @FinanceTrends : How to Trade in Stocks (1940 ed. ebook) - Jesse Livermore $STUDY $SPY " — jeff pierce (@zentrader) October 7, 2013 Provocative take on Jesse Livermore's "fatal" trading flaws: | What do you think? $STUDY — David Shvartsman