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Marty Schwartz: Market Wizards Interview Insights

In our follow up to last week's post, Marty Schwartz ("Pit Bull") speaks at Amherst College, today we bring you something old and new. 

From Jack Schwager's original Market Wizards (1989) comes an interview with Marty Schwartz, "Champion Trader". We'll provide you with some quotes and insights from Schwartz's interview, but I also encourage you to get a copy of the book and read it cover to cover, if you haven't already. 

On to the good stuff. Here is an excerpt from Jack Schwager's intro to the discussion: 

"I interviewed Marty Schwartz at his office after trading hours. I found him to be very opinionated and intense about the subject of trading. This intensity occasionally spills over into anger when a raw nerve is hit (such as program trading). In fact, Schwartz readily admits that he finds anger a useful trait in trading. None of this "going with the market flow" philosophy for Schwartz. In his view, the marketplace is an are…

Marty Schwartz Talks Trading, Life at Amherst College

Trader and Pit Bull author, Marty Schwartz speaks at Amherst College and shares lessons on markets and life in a rare, hour-long video session (Hat Tip: Tischendorf Letter). 

You may also know Schwartz from his interview in Jack Schwager's Market Wizards, a chapter which I will revisit in a follow-up post. 

For now, let's absorb some of the wisdom and life lessons he imparts to the students at Amherst. Those of us who are students of trading and life may find a few pearls in the highlights below: 

Marty Schwartz begins his talk by relating some of his experiences as an Amherst student back in the 1960s (a technological "stone age" by comparison to today). He was decked early on with some pretty poor grades, but he fought to get back on track and completed his studies successfully. One recurring theme from the early portion of his talk is, "it didn't kill me so it made me stronger.".

Schwartz tells students, "I'm here to tell you that you can achiev…