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Goldman Sachs vs. GM, Morgan Stanley

Goldman Sachs (GS) is up 64% over the past year, but it hasn't kept pace with General Motors (GM) since its post-bailout IPO.  From the November 19, 2010 weekly close to July 31, 2013, GM's (dubbed "Government Motors" in its initial rescue stage) stock performance has edged out that other government-allied firm, the infamous Goldman Sachs .  Over that 2 1/2 year timeframe, GM has returned about 6% to GS' -1.5% (approximate figures from marking the right scale of the relative performance chart below). GS managed to outperform Morgan Stanley (MS), the other remaining investment bank behemoth, since the current bull market began in March 2009. Over that 4 year period, GS has returned close to 80% compared to 40% for MS. MS did return a cool 100% in the past year, after a prolonged downtrend since late 2009.  More TBTF fun: Motif Investing's Too Big to Fail portfolio lists 1-year returns (and weightings) for its component banks (index is up

Nikkei, Dow, Russell 2000 lead Finviz futures gainers YTD

Year-to-date futures gainers (via Finviz), a quick update.   US indices near the top of the list include S&P 500 up 18.8%, DJIA up 18.9% and Russell 2000 up 23.6%. The Nikkei 225 tops all with a 32% gain YTD. Gold and silver continue to under perform this year (after a decade-long bull move), while corn takes second-to-last place with a -29.5% YTD performance.

Julian Robertson talks hedge funds, Apple + Google

Tiger Mgmt. founder, Julian Robertson chats with Bloomberg TV about the changing landscape of the hedge fund industry, the impact of the SEC's case against SAC Capital and Steve Cohen, and his thoughts on Apple and Google.  Last week, I tweeted a link back to our post, " Insights from Hedge Fund Legend, Julian Robertson " for his thoughts on the hedge fund industry and the changes that size and increased competition have brought. This latest Bloomberg interview is a worthwhile update to this discussion. Here are the clips (part one: JR on hedge funds , part two: Julian on Apple, Google ) and a few quotes below.  Julian Robertson on the Steve Cohen case and info flow to hedge funds: "I think hedge funds are generally extremely careful that they adhere to rules [concerning inside info]." Doesn't think it will impact the industry much. Tiger cub Nehal Chopra of Tiger Ratan Capital agrees. On Steve Jobs and Apple : "I read the book on Steve Jobs an

Tesla hits new all-time high: Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars?

After a recent consolidation along its 20 day moving average, Tesla (TSLA) closed at a new all-time high today.  As you can see from the daily and weekly charts, the runaway move started in April when TSLA broke out above the $40 level on large volume (over 7 times its daily avg. volume). TSLA soon consolidated that move and continued higher, amidst a stream of exciting announcements and a growing wave of "Elon mania" (see recent interviews, videos below ), to its most recent prior peak in late May.  As of today, TSLA is up over 165% from its April 1 closing price. After noting some weakness in several leading stocks (including TSLA) on StockTwits + Twitter late last month, I soon realized that I was wrong on TSLA . What I mistook for topping action was actually just a pause before this latest, new high. The uptrend continues... Elon Musk discusses creativity, entrepreneurship and a new mode of travel (hyperloop) at Pando Monthly.   TED chats with Elon