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Clarification: email and RSS subscriptions

Hi gang, just wanted to offer a clarifying note on the Finance Trends blog subscriptions.  I've received a few email requests recently for our "email subscription" list. At this time, we do not offer a site subscription (or any other material) via email.  We do show an email icon under the "subscribe to Finance Trends" header in our top right sidebar, but this is simply a contact email link for our readers' convenience. You may, however, subscribe to our blog feed via RSS and follow our real-time updates on Twitter and StockTwits (which I'd encourage all interested readers to do). This should definitely keep you up to date.   A view of the Finance Trends RSS feed in Google Reader. I apologize for the misunderstanding on the email link and for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you bright and early next week!

Bloomberg profiles Michael Burry on Risk Takers

Bloomberg TV just aired a special on Scion Capital founder, Michael Burry that is worthwhile viewing for any trader or investor.  If you missed the program, tune in now for a quick primer on Burry's entry into the investing world and the structuring of his now-famous subprime short CDS trade. This is a great story of how one blogger-turned-investor got his start operating a hedge fund and eventually shifted his focus from common stock value investing to diligently uncovering opportunities in the subprime mortgage and credit markets. If you'd like to get a much more in-depth view of Burry's struggle to stick with his hugely rewarding trade during the height of the real estate bubble, check out Michael Lewis' book, The Big Short .  You'll also want to check out the video of Burry's recent lecture on his "big short" trade and America's financial future at Vanderbilt University.  There you'll find added links to our post on Michael Burr

US debt crisis is contrived, says Jim Grant

The US debt crisis is a contrived political showdown , James Grant tells Bloomberg TV. If you want a real crisis, look to Europe, says Grant.  Also up for discussion: the 30 year bull market in US Treasuries and the risks associated with government paper. Plus, the future of monetary arrangements and the gold standard vs. the "Phd standard". Enjoy the clip.


"But if you ask for a rise / it's no surprise, that they're giving none away." - Pink Floyd, "Money" .

Independence Day links: the struggle for liberty

Happy Independence Day to all! You may want to check out these excellent links from our past July 4th post on the Declaration of Independence and the struggle for liberty. You'll note the special emphasis on two leading figures in the cause for American independence, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Enjoy these informative and historical links, and have a great July 4th holiday. Originally posted on July 4, 2010 .