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Reading list: Books for new and veteran traders

There's a stack of books on a corner of my desk and it's piled 10 high. They are all, in some way, related to trading or professional money management and investing.  These are books you may have heard me mention on Twitter . Some I've read and re-read. Some are newly acquired and I may have only had a chance to flip through or read to the halfway mark. We'll focus more on those I've read, but I want to give you the heads up on some of the newer (to me) titles as well. I think they all contain some useful insights that will help you to become a more focused and informed trader (or investor). Quick disclosure note: all the books I write about on this site are either purchased by me or have been given to me, either as review copies (free) from authors and publishers or as gifts from friends.  Now on to the reading list, which I hope will help you fill out your list of must-read trading books. 1. Inside the House of Money by Steven Drobny is a book I've me