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These Few Stocks are Outperforming the Market in 2016

Earnings season underway plus a volatile, declining market equals few real opportunities on the long side of the stock market for active investors and position traders. Today we'll look at some of the stocks that are outperforming in this weak market, as a n update to our recent defensive stocks post. 2016 began with a global stock market rout , but this weakness in the major US stock indices was preceded by a deteriorating picture for individual stocks in the broader market several months earlier . One key statistic to highlight this trend: back in late 2015, researchers at Strategas Partners found that the 10 largest stocks in the S&P 500 had accounted for more than 100% of the index's gains that year.  Narrow market: 10 largest stocks in the S&P 500 account for > 100% of 2015's gains. $SPX $AAPL $GE $MSFT — Finance Trends (@FinanceTrends) November 20, 2015   Now, as we look at the market in 2016, we see an environme