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Facebook Stock at New All-Time High as Twitter Sinks

Facebook ( FB ) stock is at a new all-time high following its latest earnings report.  Meanwhile, Twitter ( TWTR ) shares gapped lower this week after another lackluster quarterly earnings report.  To revisit a theme from my previous Facebook vs. Twitter posts , this is a prime example of why you want to buy strength and avoid (or sell) weakness in the stock market. FB , the st rong stock , continues to trounce it s weaker rival TWTR in terms of relative stock performance.  Witness the latest FB vs. TWTR performance chart. Since its IPO in late 2013, TWTR (shown in purple) has declined by 61 per cent (-61%). In that same time frame, FB is up 151 per cent (151%).  Looking back, which stock would you have rather owned? Of course, hindsight is 20/20, so I'll remind you that this trend towards Facebook's social media and stock market dominance was taking shape (and documented here in real-time) back in 2014 and 2015. Please see the following posts: 1. Twitte

Defensive Themes and Gold Stocks Shine in 2016

Looked at a list of the best performing stocks this year? If you have, you've probably noticed a big concentration of large-cap defensive stocks, gold miners, and basic material stocks among the list of top performers. Continuing the themes outlined in my January 2016 posts , defensive groups such as food stocks, REITS, and utilities have shined throughout the first half of 2016. Snapshot of these leading groups' ETFs with their year-to-date performance below. Click to en large (charts via ). Gold Miners ETF, GDX up 112% YTD. Consumer Staples ETF, XLP up 10% YTD. Utilities ETF, XLU up 23% YTD. Now that we're heading into the summer and the second half of the year, will these trends persist? Here's our update to email subscribers on gold stocks from Finance Trends Newsletter #2 : "...Let's look at a group that is shifting into a dynamic new uptrend. Gold and silver mining shares have been among the year's top perf