Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun on Twitter with Joan Jett + upcoming posts

Just a fun, candid shot of Joan Jett (then of The Runaways) backstage in 1977.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm spending a lot more time on Twitter lately than on the blog. Twitter is fun, it's easy to post quick thoughts & links (on any subject), and with the efficient grouping (via lists and follows) of market participants and favorite bloggers on the stream, it's become my "RSS feed you can talk to".

I'll be posting on the blog a bit more (after hours, or during the day when time allows) in coming weeks. You'll probably start to see more market and trading-related commentary which mirror our real-time discussions on Twitter and StockTwits, as well as our more recent posts on stocks and futures markets.

PS, be sure to visit some of our favorite bloggers in the meantime (see our sidebar "Blogs" list), and check out Brad Elterman's fantastic photo blog while you're at it.