Thursday, March 11, 2010

Readings: derivatives, Greece, & a triple whammy

Here's what I'm reading this afternoon:

1. Triple whammy of trading costs, taxes, and inflation drags down returns on US stocks (with Bloomberg chart graphic).

2. Greece lifts a page from Citigroup's playbook - Jonathan Weil.

3. Barry Ritholtz' take on derivatives regulation.

4. Gregor Macdonald looks at oil consumption in the developing world and California.

5. Research models forecast peak oil at 79 mbpd in 2014 (HT: Chris Nelder).

6. 10 years after the dot com bubble and Nasdaq 5,000, Henry Blodget reflects.

7. Stock markets celebrate year of gains, but only Chile is above its 2007 peak.

8. Joe Fahmy feels the market wants to go higher from here.

Hope you find the articles worthwhile, we'll see you on Friday for more financial news and insight.