Monday, December 14, 2009

Presentations from Agoracom conference

Spent some time over the weekend (and this afternoon) listening to presentations made by Barry Ritholtz, Gregor Macdonald, and Jean-Francois Tardif at the recent Agoracom online gold and commodities conference.

Judging from the conference title and the presentations listed, most of the discussion seems to center around the gold, energy, & the resources sector. However, there are some presentations that are differently focused; Barry Ritholtz' talk on our "Bailout Nation" is one such standout.

Stocktwits community members and MacroTwits devotees will surely recognize energy writer, Gregor Macdonald, who offers up his take on the future of energy transition and the likely impact that alternative energy and coal will have on our planet in the years to come.

Definitely something for all here, so do take a look at some of these free audio & visual slide presentations. You may find some actionable information or useful educational material within.