Friday, December 04, 2009

Jim Sinclair interview: Trading with Jesse Livermore and Bert Seligman

Metals analyst and trader, Jim Sinclair talks with Eric King of the King World News broadcast about the gold market, mining shares, and the trading tactics of Bert Seligman and Jesse Livermore.

As instructive as he can be on the gold and metals markets, I have to tell you that it was Jim's opening comments on Jesse Livermore and his father, Bert Seligman, that had me glued to this interview. If you are a fan of trading and market history, you won't want to miss it. Jim even discusses Livermore's last years and offers a contrary view of JL's circumstances at the time of his death.

Enjoy the interview, and if you like the broadcast, check out these past Eric King interviews with Rick Rule and Jim Puplava for more great insights on the markets and our world.