Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Links: history, present, and future

Sharing some of the more interesting links and stories that I've come across (or revisited) this week.

We've got Paolo Pellegrini on US debt, an honest and brief overview of the global energy picture, a comparative look at China and the US, and much more. Enjoy the links.

1. Paolo Pellegrini says shorting US debt "attractive bet" - Bloomberg.

2. Capitalism,
Socialism, or Fascism? - Washington's blog.

3. Leonard Kleinrock: Mr. Internet (interview) - LA Times.

4. The Truth about Energy - Puru Saxena.

5. The "democratization of credit" is over - John Rubino.

6. Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters: Louis Begley interview with Bloomberg.

7. Niall Ferguson: US on collision course with China.

8. Gore Vidal thinks the US is headed for dictatorship.

9. Milton Friedman makes the case for limited government (PBS).