Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's market links

Here are some of the stories I'm keeping up with today:

1. Paulson's 'gift' to Ken Lewis delivered at gunpoint: Caroline Baum - Bloomberg.

2. 'Photo op' plane stunt terrorizes NYC, Goldman Sachs evacuated - Clusterstock.

3. Fed suffers unrealized $9 billion loss on Bear Stearns & AIG assets, delivers $35.5 billion in comprehensive earnings in 2008. - FT Alphaville.

4. Doug Noland interview, "Credit Bubble Crisis", w/ Financial Sense Newshour - FSN.

5. Monday's linkfest: Stockholm syndrome & flu-like symptoms - Abnormal Returns.

6. Bill King on problems w/bank "stress tests" - Big Picture.

7. Life planning: the search for meaning - Financial Philosopher.

Good reading, and we'll see you back here tomorrow for an in-depth look at the economic "meltdown" of 2008, along with a free-market view of how we might better deal with such crises in the future, courtesy of Thomas E. Woods. Until then!