Wednesday, April 01, 2009

James Altucher: depression proof, 180 proof

James Altucher shares his thoughts on a new "inflation/depression-proof" stock play in this recent video clip.

Oh, and reason # 5 of why I like James Altucher: like a true contrarian, the man enjoys a tasty beverage (as opposed to standard-issue coffee in a to-go cup) at 9am while filming odd stock-picking segments on the streets of New York.

I too, share a fondness for Bloody Marys, a fact made evident by some rather incriminating college photos which I still have somewhere. No, not that one.

Anyway, here are the vitals on Altucher's new inflation play, CEDC.

Disclosure: No position in this stock, although I often find James' stock ideas to be rather interesting and uniquely delivered. Also, I'm starting to realize that he and Jim Cramer kind of do the same thing (each in their own unique way), don't they?