Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beijing's rock n' roll underground

File this one under "World Culture"...

Tim Swanson, my blogging pal and man-on-the-scene in China, hips us to the burgeoning underground rock n' roll scene in Beijing. You can find part one of CNN's video report on this underground music scene in the above link at Tim's blog.

Being a follower of both rock n' roll and cultural trends, I decided to head on over to the CNN website and dig up the rest of the clips from this televised report. Have a look:

Sidenote: I'll admit that I was interested to know more about lyrics in Chinese rock music, but the interviewer seemed to press this issue a little too much; it made her seem like a total outsider and a bit of a narc. Interesting to see the musicians' responses to these questions and others, they seemed very charming and thoughtful.

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