Friday, May 02, 2008

Features of the week

All the news that's fit to blog. Enjoy our, "Features of the week".

1. LBO titans Schwarzman, Kravis sitting on cash.

2. Federal Reserve may want inflation, says Axel Merk.

3. An abundance of paper money is causing food prices to soar.

4. Wilbur Ross joins FT's "View from the Top" to talk about the economy, stagflation and recession, mortgages, and buying a bank.

5. Worries over increased farm debt in a time of soaring land values.

6. European farmland hits record prices, as hedge funds muck in down on the farm.

7. Grain companies' profits soar as global food crisis mounts.

8. Saudi Arabia steps cautiously into SWF arena.

9. Indian exporters face ruin from derivatives losses.

10. Bovespa rises to record on Brazil's investment grade credit rating.

11. The LME introduces its billet steel futures contract, but producers in Russia and China shy away for now.

See also, "The bell rings time for the steel market".

12. Fed expands lending programs to jolt credit markets.

13. Fed's "rogue" Bear Stearns rescue spurs more bailout calls.

14. Proposed fascist powers for the Fed.

15. Dollar reserve status is a tale of fading glory.

16. Thomas Paine on paper money.

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