Monday, May 12, 2008

Bill Ackman and David Einhorn on CNBC

Caught this one over the weekend and thought you might enjoy this.

CNBC had long/short investors William Ackman, of Pershing Square Capital Management, and David Einhorn, of Greenlight Capital, on Squawk Box last Friday; The Big Picture shares the video highlights with us.

Topics of discussion include the panel's defense of short-selling, the advantages of long/short portfolios, Bill Ackman on valuing long-term investments, the importance of mark-to-market accounting, and more.

You may remember Ackman for his famously thorough research in advancing his short positions in Ambac and MBIA. David Einhorn is often associated with his long-running battle with Allied Capital, detailed in his new book, Fooling Some of the People All of the Time.

Enjoy the CNBC clips and the discussion.

For more on Ackman and Einhorn's investment ideas, see our December 2007 post, "Time to buy financials?".