Thursday, March 13, 2008

What are you investing in?

What are you investing in? That's the current topic of discussion over at the Mises Institute blog.

Lots of responses so far, too, especially for such a personal question. It seems that a lot of people are willing to discuss their money and personal finances with openness these days, at least that's what I've noticed on the internet.

And it's not the usual cocktail party chatter of, "I just got a tip on this great stock". I mean, people are talking full asset allocation here, which must account for a large chunk of their personal savings and investments. Interesting to note how willing some people are to discuss personal matters these days.

Maybe some of you would like to share some personal investment strategies here as well. I'm all for it; be as detailed or as nonspecific with the information as you like. Some of our readers might have some interesting ideas or valuable wisdom to share.