Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paul van Eeden interviews

Hard asset investors (and speculators), today's your day. We have two interviews with investor and newsletter writer Paul van Eeden for you; both highlight his uniquely considered views on a number of issues.

First, an audio interview with Paul van Eeden courtesy of Minesite's Commodity Watch Radio.

Here, van Eeden explains his investment philosophy and his methods of operation in resource sector speculations. Paul's seasoned view of the risks and opportunities in resource and mining shares will be useful to anyone interested or involved in these sectors.

In the second interview, a HoweStreet video clip filmed during the June 2007 Vancouver World Gold and PGM Conference, Paul covers the topics of commodities, base metals, investing in mining shares, and monetary inflation.

While there are a lot of interesting points made here, the bulk of the interview centers around van Eeden's view of the base metals market and why prices have been largely driven (in Paul's opinion) by speculative fund buying.

While Paul has steered clear of the base metals market in the past couple of years and watched recent upward moves from the sidelines, he offers an interesting view of why the risk/reward profile in these markets no longer matches his personal criteria.

You're always likely to get a contrary point of view on the markets from Paul van Eeden, and these clips won't disappoint on that count. So watch, listen, and enjoy.