Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jim Rogers: The Calculating Cowboy

Speaking of Jim Rogers (see previous post), I thought I'd include this excellent video featuring the famed "adventure capitalist" that I found last night on the Dutch VPRO site, host to the fascinating Riverside Conversations series.

In, "De Calculerende Cowboy" ( "The Calculating Cowboy", if my web translation is correct), Rogers takes us on a tour of his stops through Europe and dispenses his investment philosophy and wisdom along the way. 

Take a ride with Jim in his trademark yellow, custom-built Mercedes SLK as he revisits his past and comments on developments in Europe near the turn of the millennium.

Great moments throughout, and the footage of Jim at a European investment panel is just hilarious. But don't take my word for it; see it for yourself. 

Viewing note: if you hear audio but don't see the accompanying video, try clicking the small little "x" box in the right hand scroll menu of VPRO's help screen.