Friday, May 18, 2007

Features of the week

Put on your reading, thinking, and relaxation caps; its' time for our, "Features of the week".

1. "White House to quickly replace Wolfowitz". The AP reports that the White House would like to quickly find someone to replace departing World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz.

Wolfowitz announced that the would resign his post on Thursday following a flap over a compensation package arranged for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, a bank employee.

2. "Damien Hirst Seeks $99 million for Skull With 8601 Diamonds". The sight of this headline prompted a maniacal, "Ah-Ha-Ha!", moment on the part of your editor that even the Mogambo himself would have been proud of.

3. Meanwhile, in their current May issue, ARTnews is asking, "Are You Looking at Prices or Art?".

4. The Aden Forecast takes a look at, "The Bubbling Metals", and finds their long term uptrend lines intact.

5. Paul Lamont on the, "May 10th Credit Collapse", of 1837. A prelude of things to come?

6. One fund manager is high on platinum and shares of platinum mining companies. See Reuters' article, "Platinum bull run to continue for many years", for more.

7. "When bulls and bears agree". Louis-Vincent Gave and Marc Faber do not see the world in similar terms, but they do seem to agree on one thing: the price of agricultural commodities and food products could rise significantly in the coming years.

8. John at Controlled Greed says don't miss this recent New York Times feature on noted value investor and hedge-fund manager, Seth Klarman.

9. The People's Bank of China has widened the yuan's daily trading band against the US dollar. Daily FX asks, "How close are we to a free float?". Lots of background on the importance of China's currency moves in this article.

10. "Can America's masses get charged on electric cars?". Reuters' coverage features notes on the ZAP Xebra, GM's Chevrolet Volt, and Tesla Motors' electric roadsters.

11. From, "China changes the dynamics of African loans".

12. Paul at Infectious Greed gives us the heads up on a National Geographic feature about "China's instant cities".

13. Relax with some tunes. MSN "In Concert" presents Chris Cornell, live from the Fenix in Seattle.