Monday, March 12, 2007

Sears, the Hedge Fund

We've talked in the past about hedge fund manager, Ed Lampert and his drive to transform Sears Holdings into something more than the retail giant it has always been.

Now a new article from the Washington Post zeroes in on Lampert and the changing face of Sears. The company is described as an entity divided into separate parts: Sears the Retailer, and Sears the Hedge Fund.

Will the "Hedge Fund" side of Sears be able to make up for crumbling retail operation ("the softer side of Sears")? That's the million dollar question.

Thanks to Paul at Infectious Greed for the article link.

For more on Lampert and Sears, see the first link ("Ed Lampert") in this post, as well as Andy Kern's articles on Sears Holdings over at Berkshire Ruminations.