Monday, February 26, 2007

Sprucing up the joint

You may have noticed some new links and additions to the blog's sidebar layout. I've decided to add a few things to help make browsing and acquiring information more enjoyable and convenient for Finance Trends readers.

Hence the new links, with everything from futures quotes and charts, to added news and commentary sites. You might also create your own virtual stock portfolios at Yahoo! Finance, or jump on over to Project Gutenberg to search for classic, out-of-print books online.

There's also a new section devoted to blogs, highlighting some of the sites I've been looking at more regularly, and find especially interesting and informative. For more finance and market related blogs, have a glance at the Inveslogic and Stockblogs directories.

I hope you'll find something you like in these new links.

Added Note: If there is something you feel we've left out, and would like to see it added to our link list, please let us know. If it's especially useful, we might add it to our link list later on (time and space permitting) or highlight the feature in a separate post.

Thanks, and enjoy.