Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sam Zell talks real estate, EOP buyout

Real estate mogul and Equity Office Properties co-founder, Sam Zell sat down with Bloomberg TV's Brian Sullivan to discuss the recent buyout of EOP by private-equity firm Blackstone, as well as some of Zell's other interests outside commercial real estate.

In this 21 minute interview segment, Zell answers questions about the outlook for commercial and residential real estate, his views on recent home financing practices, and his varied interests outside of US real estate, like waste management and waste-to-energy firm Covanta.

I was especially interested to hear, towards the end of the interview, Zell's thoughts on risk.

As he talked about balancing risk and reward, he said something that reminded me of Warren Buffett's stance on accepting risk in Berkshire Hathaway's insurance business; said Zell, "There's almost no risk I'm not willing to take, as long as the reward is comensurate.".