Thursday, February 22, 2007


In his recent article, "Commodity Opportunity Roundup", Commodities Trends editor George Kleinman provides a brief survey of what's happening in some of the individual commodity markets.

He opens his overview with an interesting call on the corn market.

Kleinman begins, "For reasons I’ve reiterated for nearly a year now (ethanol and exports), I expect to see July corn trading with a “five” in front of it before it goes off the board."

Due to a recent bullish closing pattern, Kleinman says the momentum is with the bullish trend.

Also included are a brief overview of the sugar, cotton and nickel futures.

Check out his piece as a tool for staying in touch with the futures market, and have a look at some of his past articles as well. You might find something of value here (and remember to treat these articles as educational tools, not as direct investment advice from on high).