Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Altucher on ETFs

James Altucher's latest FT column gives the low down on some new fangled ETFs that might help individual investors with their investment strategy.

In "ETFs with no fund managers", Altucher describes why the ETFs he has selected are a good choice for enterprising investors looking to divorce themselves from indexing and the world of hedge funds.

These are ETFs that are fundamentally oriented, focusing on building baskets of stocks that Wall Street has incorrectly priced according to academic research, backtesting and experience.

The jury is still out on how these ETFs will perform over time but I, for one, think they are at the very least great alternatives to the standard fare. In the best case, they will significantly outperform.

Check out the article to read up on James' picks. All standard disclaimers apply; remember to perform your due dillegence and consult your trusted advisor when selecting investments.