Monday, November 27, 2006

Bargaining in Beijing

A recent trip to China is the inspiration behind this recent article by Bruce Feirstein in the New York Observer. An excerpt from "Bargaining in Beijing":

The last time I was here, two years ago, the thing that struck me was the number of cars and trucks on the streets of Beijing, and the realization that we (as Americans) were going to be in competition for oil. But this time, I was struck by something else: a sense of Chinese invincibility. In the English-language news, there’s almost no mention of the war in Iraq, the mid-term elections or North Korean nukes; it’s as if they’re side issues (think of Americans covering Britain’s Boer War in 1880) and tangential to the future. It’s the Chinese century. And however an important trade partner we may be, we represent the past.

Have a look. It's a short piece, and an interesting account of one traveler's experiences and observations.