Saturday, September 30, 2006

Matt Simmons interview

Hey peak oil observers, just wanted to let you all know there is an interview with Matthew Simmons at Financial Sense Online. Mr. Simmons is the author of Twilight in the Desert and the guest expert for this weekend's FSN broadcast.

If anyone reading is unfamiliar with the "peak oil" thesis, you might want to listen in and see what the issue is all about.

Will Simmons and friends turn out to be correct in their warnings over crude oil's imminent production peak? Or will their dire prognostications be consigned to the dustin of history?

When I look at the situation, it seems like events have been unfolding in line with the trend towards hydrocarbon scarcity. Shall we wait to find out that we're running out of oil and natural gas or will we encourage innovation and change? Tell us what you think.