Friday, September 29, 2006

FT's lunch with Woz

Financial Times reporter Richard Waters recently sat down to lunch with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (known to many as, "Woz") at San Jose's Hickory Pit restaurant, where the two talked about Wozniak's new book and the early days of computer engineering.

The focus piece that emerged centered on Wozniak's fond remembrance of bygone days, when a single inventor/entrepreneur could design a computer in his garage and measure its quality according to his own high standards. Here is how Wozniak puts it:

“The intent to try new things and find them is sort of built into the human being and the human brain,” says Wozniak. “It’s just part of our own innate curiosity. Thinking up a new idea that could really radically [make things] better can happen anywhere, and it doesn’t necessarily happen because I’m gonna put some money down to some bright engineers and they’re gonna come up with it.”

Will the day of the workshop inventor/artisan return? Read "Lunch with the FT: The wizardry of Woz" and ponder that.