Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Martin Weiss on T-bills

Well, Martin Weiss of Weiss Research has a whole big picture scenario to go along with his recommendation to invest in Treasury bills, and that's interesting enough, so far as needing a reason for why you should put your money in them. But I'm more interested in his information on how to best take advantage of Treasury bill returns.

Dr. Weiss, editor of the Safe Money Report and the Money and Markets e-letter, feels that Treasury-only money market funds are the best way to own Treasury bills. Read about the advantages of owning T-bills through these vehicles, and get a list of his recommended favorites by clicking on "The Next Big Wave". Scroll down to the section on T-Bills, you'll see the advantages highlighted in red.

We'll use this as a starting point for talking about shorter term interest-earning vehicles. If anyone has some info they'd like to share on personal finance matters, please chime in. We'll add more info and make it into a little discussion piece on savings instruments. Thanks!