Saturday, July 22, 2006

Free software... and libertarianism?

Interesting subject match, I know. I saw this post entitled, "Free software, the hacker community and libertarianism?" highlighted at Technorati, so I went clicked on the link to have a look. An interesting post from what looks to be an interesting site (with a humorous name: "Homeland Stupidity").

I don't know much about free software or open source debate, but I was interested to see how these subjects were tied in to the notions of liberty. They've taken an issue that is closely followed by a relatively small audience, and made it relevant to a wider base by associating their cause with a larger issue: freedom.

“When people don’t value their freedom, they will lose it,” he said. “When people don’t value their freedom, they won’t defend it. And to value their freedom they have to know about it.”

Anyone who values liberty can relate to that.