Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spying on American (Idols)

One of the leading news stories today on Google News was the USA Today report regarding the government's continued support for NSA phone monitoring. See full story at Forbes.

Shocking example of just how far these "terror-fighting" efforts will spread throughout Americans' lives. Not as shocking, though, as a recent American Idol upset. Apparently that story is dominating the minds of Americans, as this Columbia Journalism Review article relates. Thanks to the Magpie blog for that entry and article link.

I checked out Technorati throughout the day and "American Idol" has consistently turned up in the top of the search rankings. I see Qwest, one of the phone companies who did not turn over records to the NSA, is now popping up #15 in their keyword search ranking. Fear not, Founding Fathers, the Republic is safe!