Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Junior mining stocks dominate Amex movers list.

The list of last week's percentage gainers on the Amex list in the latest Barron's seemed to be dominated by mining stocks in the precious metals sector. The group followed hot on the heels of news that Desert Sun Mining (DEZ) and Western Silver (WTZ) would both be taken over. WTZ led the movers with a 36% change for the week. Others in that list included: MFN, DEZ, SIL, MRB, NSU, and CLG.

For anyone wanting more information on the outlook for mining shares, I would definitely recommend checking out the Financial Sense precious metals page as well as the weekly broadcasts of the FSO Newshour where mining shares are often discussed. Of course, these resources should be treated as educational starting points; do your due dilligence and consult with a trusted, knowledgeable financial advisor.